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Rather than doing my usual speedlink, I decided to take a slightly different approach to What’s Up Wednesdays today. Thanks to some help from Gary Jones at BlueFur, I can now post Twitter replies on my blog. I enjoy interacting with the online community, both on Beyond the Rhetoric and through Twitter, so this is a good way to bridge the gap between the two.

If you’re not already familiar with the microblogging service, I encourage you to watch the video that explains Twitter in plain English and read the post on basic Twitter etiquette. Then, you’ll want to follow me on Twitter, because you just may end up being mentioned in a future post here! That, and I hope that I can be good company.

Let’s see how my Twitter followers responded to some questions I posed.

Do you have more Twitter followers or more RSS subscribers?

dyphan @michaelkwan More Twitter followers than rss by almost double!!

What is your favorite book of all-time? Why?

anna_lin @michaelkwan Twilight… err i mean Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood, b/c i can see the sci-fi dystopia happening one day.
TrinityRS @michaelkwan I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. Just an amazing story to read.
bluefur @michaelkwan The E-myth is one of my favorite. It teaches you to how business should be run in a easy to read style.

 What’s your favourite sandwich and why?

chadimoglou @michaelkwan Grilled chicken with fresh mozz, roasted red peppers, and a little bit of fresh olive oil.. why? because it so darn scrump
killahbeez @michaelkwan Sandwich with pears, brie cheese, prosciutto & some balsamic in Gastown in Van thats ridiculous. Party in my mouth type deal.
rayebersole @michaelkwan hoagie from philly. It is the best tasting, the bread is great and the oil & vineager are what makes it.
betshopboy @michaelkwan I love chicken or ham sandwich with lots of lettuce, tomatos & onions with mayonnaise condiment wrap between toasted bread.
colindean @michaelkwan Primanti’s Pittsburgher! Often imitated, never duplicated. If you’ve never had this Pittsburgh delicacy, you’re missing out.

Hey Twitter, what’s for dinner?

JennyPennifer @michaelkwan … I had mashed potatoes! Homemade …
TrinityRS @michaelkwan A sandwich but you have to go make it yourself.
mrgarylee @michaelkwan Ramen, Sushi, Pho, That BBQ place you guys went to last year . . . . just take pics!

Based on this response rate, my Twitter followers seem to enjoy eating much more than books and social media. Go figure.