Among all my cousins, only one has actually gone on to have a child so far. Edmond, Quincy’s younger brother, is the proud father of Nicholas, who is turning two years old on April 2nd. We went out for dinner (at Rich Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver) on Saturday night to celebrate the occasion a little early, because Tina, Edmond’s wife, is due with their second child any day now. As such, we wanted to make sure that Nicholas got himself a proper celebration that wouldn’t be “interrupted” with Tina going into labour.

Susanne helped me pick out a couple of presents for little Nicholas, and while I’m not entirely sure whether he’ll like the gifts themselves, I know for a fact that he likes tearing the wrapping paper off of the presents. In fact, he refused to sit in his booster seat until we gave him the gifts to rip apart. The first birthday present, not depicted, is an Elmo bedtime storybook that comes with an integrated lullaby music player. The second present, shown in the video below, is Thomas The Tank Engine Right on Time. It’s a book with those buttons on the side that make sounds when pressed.

Nicholas is adorable now, but it’ll be interesting how terrible his twos will be. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy his cuteness.


Did you catch his “Wow”? Yeah, and it’s not even a Vista “Wow”.