No, this month’s speedlink doesn’t really have anything to do with that John Cho as a dad movie. Though, I should probably get around to watching that at some point. I hear it’s quite good. Anyways, let’s get started.

You might remember Chris Read as the Canadian Dad who went viral for his gymnastics routine in a bright orange leotard. Gymnastics plays a pretty big role in his life, and that’s why he and his daughter (along with her team) went searching for Simon Biles at an international invitational in Houston. So… do you think they managed to snap a pic with Olympic gold medalist?

Instead of searching for celebrities, Buzz Bishop and his family went searching for the most Instagram-worthy spots on Maui. It’s been several years since we went and I’m fairly certain we missed at least a few of Buzz’s recommendations. We did sunset at Haleakala instead of sunrise, and the Road to Hana is truly breathtaking with waterfalls and picturesque spots throughout the day-long drive.

On the topic of taking pictures, Brandon Billinger expresses his frustrations as the family photographer. I identify so much with his struggles! Like Brandon, I’m almost always the person behind the camera. Realistically, the overwhelming majority of photos I have with my daughter are the selfies I take on my smartphone. And then there’s the matter of organizing all those pictures too.

Okay, I know it’s not exactly the most popular topic and it probably won’t spark joy in your life. Nonetheless, it needs to be done, so you may as well make the most of it. Jessica Moorhouse offers her guide to self-employed taxes in Canada. Remember that you’re on the hook for both the employer and the employee portion of the CPP, for instance, though you don’t have to contribute to EI. And then you’ve got all those home business expenses too.

You know what else is hard about being self-employed and working from home? It’s pretty easy to become a rather antisocial person. Leah Ryder from the Trello blog offers several “weird ways” to get over typical “hermit habits” as a remote worker. Are you working in your sweatpants and stained t-shirt with totally disheveled hair again? She even recommends Netflix as a way of overcoming social isolation. Michael Scott is always there to help.

And finally, we turn our attention to “productivityist” Mike Vardy as he approaches a common conundrum. Should you do more or do better? I’ve had variations of this conversation with my fellow bloggers and content creators many times. Some of them proclaim that they’re going to focus on quality over quantity. At the same time, we recognize that we need to keep feeding the beast if we want to please the algorithm gods. Mike says that doing less, but doing them right, is “the most productive thing you can do.”