I’m participating in a couple of secret Santa gift exchanges this year with some fellow bloggers. Maybe you’ve got one as part of the annual holiday office party. Or perhaps you’re planning one with a group of friends. Whatever the case, these sorts of gift exchanges usually set a relatively modest spending budget. What can you get for less than $25 that someone would actually want?

It’s not like shopping for a preschooler, and pretty much every full retail video game will cost much more than $25. Well, I’ve conveniently gathered up 25 notable selections for my under $25 gift guide on Amazon. Check them out here, in no particular order…

  1. How to Be Perfectly Unhappy: This beautiful hardcover book by The Oatmeal tackles the complicated issue of happiness in a surprisingly insightful and imaginative way. And it’s The Oatmeal!
  2. TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug Mini: This super compact smart plug works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, plus its own Kasa mobile app.
  3. Gold Chrome Groot: Yes, this is a Funko Pop figure of Marvel’s Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Baby Groot, actually. And he’s all decked out in gold.
  4. ArtNaturals Essential Oil Set: Essential oils are all the rage these days and this is a bundle of eight 100% pure high quality oils, including tea tree and lavender.
  5. Death Wish Coffee: If you’ve got a hardcore caffeine fiend for your Secret Santa, give them the world’s strongest coffee. It’s fair trade and USDA certified organic to boot!
  6. Street Fighter Socks: You might not be able to buy a new video game for under $25, but these colorful socks are sure to light up any world warrior’s face.
  7. Whiskey in a Teacup: I got this Reese Witherspoon book on Kindle, but I definitely recommend getting the hardcover. She offers insights into growing up in the south, plus plenty of recipes and party-planning ideas.
  8. Buddha Board Mini: The full-size version is twice the price, but this more compact alternative offers just as much relaxation and healing.
  9. Monster Misfits: It ain’t dubbed “a ridiculous card game” for nothing. For something a little more NSFW, you might opt for Monster Rejects instead.
  10. Three by Three Seattle To-Do Board: Okay, how cool is this? It looks like just a piece of bamboo, but that’s actually a dry-erase surface. It even comes with a dry erase pen.
  11. Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle: You know those fancy S’well stainless steel water bottles? This is like those, but at a fraction of the price.
  12. I Wear This Shirt Periodically: This t-shirt is bound to get a reaction.
  13. VicTsing Shower Speaker: This waterproof Bluetooth speaker even got a built-in mic, though I wouldn’t recommend taking calls in the shower.
  14. Amazon Echo Dot: Now that the third-generation model is out, the second-gen is available on the cheap and it’s just as functional.
  15. Arteza Real Brush Pens: If you’ve been paired up with an artistic type person, these real brush pens are great for painting without the mess.
  16. Segreto Creative Plants Flower Pot: This ain’t no ordinary flower pot. It’s one with a whole hedgehog family living in it. Seriously cute.
  17. Herbivore Botanicals Dead Sea Bath Salts: I don’t care who you are. We could all use a “soothing and calming bath agent providing relaxation to the mind and body.”
  18. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones: With so many smartphones taking the “courageous” move of removing the headphone jack, a functional pair of wireless headphones are a must. These are IPX7 waterproof.
  19. Natico Decision Maker: Forget about the magic 8-ball. Get this paperweight that doubles as a spinning decision maker. Today.
  20. Simari Winter Gloves: These touchscreen gloves are designed for active types, offering cold weather protection in a smartphone-friendly design.
  21. Beyond the Baby Babble: Excuse the shameless self-promotion, but everyone on your list should get a copy of my book on life as a work-at-home dad, right?

And if you’re stumped for what to watch on Christmas, perhaps you should consider one of these less conventional choices. Yippee-ki-yay, Rocky Balboa!