After spending the last few weeks on the road — getting blown away in Newfoundland, nurturing an empire state of mind in New York and doing tourist things in Toronto — I’m back in the office for this week’s vlog. Understandably, I was greeted with some mail and parcels upon returning home, including my anxiously anticipated grab bag of geeky t-shirts from TeeFury. This is true nerd apparel on the cheap… I mean, for the “strategically frugal.”

Because apparently I’m a fashion blogger now, don’t you know?

On my wish list for this past Father’s Day, as was on many a previous wish list, were an assortment of geeky t-shirts. Call it an obsession or a vice if you must. Realistically, the main thing holding me back from picking up even more are the international shipping costs.

For sites like TeeFury, ThinkGeek, TeeTurtle, Woot, and others like it, the shirts themselves are usually reasonably priced. However, the cost of shipping a single shirt to Canada effectively doubles the price and then it’s not so worth it anymore. The “design a day” shtick makes it less appealing to pick up more than a shirt at a time.

But with the random grab bag, they’re only five bucks each. How could I resist?

Some people might say it’s about time I grow up and dress like an adult. Maybe I love these shirts so much because I’m just clinging on to my youth. Maybe. Either way, can you help me figure out what some of these t-shirt designs actually mean? I’m especially lost on the first one in the video. Perhaps I’m just not nerdy enough and I need to turn in my geek card.

Which of these geeky t-shirts is your favorite from this haul?