Once a month, I embark on a digital journey around the Internet in search of great content to share with you. This is partly my way of giving back to the blogging community that has already given me so much. This month’s collection focuses on the theme of travel and new experiences.

We start off with Mary Sheridan and her recent stay at the Tulalip Resort and Casino in Washington. I’ve been to that casino many times and I’ve shopped at the Seattle Premium Outlets next door more times than I care to count, but I’ve never actually stayed at the hotel. Looks like a pretty great place for a little trip outside of Vancouver.

That’s the thing. You don’t need to hop on a plane to scratch that travel bug. You can even do it digitally, as Eric Novak did with his introduction to the second-generation Nissan Leaf EV. The official world premiere event was hosted in Japan and shared online to viewers all around the world. With the new Leaf, you can expect a range of up to 241 kilometers. Not too shabby! I wonder how that compares to the Tesla Model 3.

Speaking of electric vehicles and range anxiety, Stacey Robinsmith put the first-generation Nissan Leaf to the test by driving to Whistler. This Leaf has an estimated range of about 140 kilometers, so he stopped in Squamish along the way to top up the batteries. Just 12 minutes at the charging station took the charge level from 50% to 84%. You will want to plan your journey around these charging stations!

Looking for a road trip opportunity back east? Mike Armstrong shares some of his thoughts about staying three days in Rochester, New York. This “great little town” is filled with fun little gems like the Strong National Museum of Play, devoted to the history and exploration of play. Hit up the amusement and catch a baseball game too.

For something a little more chic and exotic, you can follow Rebecca Coleman on her recent visit to France. She has a number of travel vlogs up on her YouTube channel and one of my favorites show her exploring Paris by bike. We never did the bike thing when we were there, so this offered a completely different perspective of la Ville Lumière.

I’ve never been to the “middle part” of Canada, so Chris Kilpatrick and his recent visit to Oak Hammock Marsh in Manitoba offered me a good glimpse into that part of the country. This looks like a great place for kids to learn about the local ecosystem, including access to a range of sensory activities, plus canoeing out on the open water.

It’s hard to say goodbye to home, even if you think you are moving on to bigger adventures and greater opportunities. Kristi Fuoco reflects back with the top eight things she will miss about Toronto. She’s going to miss the funky new neighborhoods, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the joy with living in a hub.

When most people think about taking a Disney trip, their attention gets focused on Florida or California. Not Jamie Greene. He puts on a different set of Mickey Mouse-themed lenses to compare the Disney experience in Shanghai and Hong Kong. As you might guess, the language barrier is less of an issue in Hong Kong. The castle in Shanghai is demonstrably larger though.

And finally, if you want to get some sense of how much money it takes to scratch your travel bug, Chris Murphy has you covered. He and his family recently embarked on an epic 148-day adventure through 35 cities in seven countries, and he has detailed how much it cost to do that. The biggest “expense” is the lost salary, but you may be surprised that accommodations only cost them about $2,300 in total.