They’re lazy, incompetent, disrespectful of their elders and far too entitled. They expect to have everything given to them on a silver platter and they get so disappointed when you don’t reward them with a trophy for every tiny little thing. Millennials are the worst. They’re ruining everything, from traditional department stores to the diamond industry. And they’ll will never be able to afford their own home if they keep going out to eat organic avocado toast. Yup, they’re definitely the worst.

Millennials have developed a rather bad rap in popular media. They’re being blamed for ruining the traditional 9-to-5 job, because they demand more flexibility in their schedules or they’re striking it on their own as entrepreneurs and startups. People say that they’ve killed romance with “hookup culture” and Tinder.

Older people scoff at millennials and their obsession with technology, how these 20-somethings have utterly destroyed the common decency of regular face-to-face interaction. Their fashion sense is terrible and their popular music is worse. But are millennials really ruining everything for everyone else?

As I discuss in the vlog above, the real heart of the matter is that older people have always developed some level of disdain for younger people. That’s how the whole “kids these days” line of thinking gets set into motion. And maybe it’s because I don’t really identify with “kids these days” anymore that I feel like I’m experiencing a midlife crisis instead. Maybe.

Many baby boomers will tell you that they worked as hard as they did all their lives so that their kids’ lives would be easier. Can you really blame millennials, then, if their lives really are easier? I’m fortunate in that I never took out a student loan, but I know how crippling college debt can be these days.

It’d probably help if millennials didn’t eat so much avocado toast though.