There are some people I’ve known for years, both online and offline, where I still don’t really know for certain what they do for a living. Even among some of my best friends, I know very little about their family situation, whether or not they have any siblings, or if they actually grew up in an entirely different part of the world.

And if you’re reading these words, you might think you know a thing or two about me, but did you know that I used to catch houseflies in medicine containers? And that I learned how to do this from my grandpa? I am whatever you say I am. If I wasn’t, why would you say I am?

The inspiration for this week’s vlog, as I mention in the video above, comes from fellow Vancouver blogger Jamie Dunlop Khau. You might know her from Styling the Inside, described as “a lifestyle blog dedicated to living a life that feels good on the inside.” She put up a “10 things about me” post on Instagram some time back and I thought it was a great way to learn more about the personalities I follow on social media.

I had originally considered copying her exactly and just posting my list on Instagram too. I then thought about expanding it into a written list for this blog. But for an extra little personal touch, I figured expounding this list of ten things about me in video form would be a good idea. So, here we are. And it isn’t just about things like my favorite color (not really sure I have one) or my favorite movie (maybe Forrest Gump or Jurassic Park).

It’s about some of the experiences that shaped me into who I am today.

To this end, I now turn the proverbial vlogging camera over to you. What are some of the key experiences in your past that have led you to where you are today? What’s something that people even close to you might not know?