I once wrote that I never complain about boredom, because you literally have no excuse to be bored. Whether it’s productive or just for fun, there is always something to do. And it is in that spirit that I present this week’s collection of blog posts from around the web.

Kicking things off, we have Sonia Simone points out the single biggest reason why so much content on the Internet is so boring. It’s because we fear judgement. We’re afraid someone won’t like it, so we don’t dare to be different. But the only way you’ll stand out is if you stop worrying what other people think. Be honest. Be authentic. Be outrageous (if that’s who you really are).

In an especially heart-touching piece (that is anything but boring), Jessica Blumel discusses what it’s like to be alone following her separation. She thought that she would lead this glamorous single life, like those snazzy Instagram people, but she’s just not confident enough to do it by herself.

I’ve long since asserted that travel is one of the best ways to spend your money. And, as it turns out, you don’t have to get pulled into a typical tourist trap to do it. Jennifer Hubbert offers the prime example of visiting the Stillaguamish River Valley in Washington, a destination that is quite obviously off the beaten path while offering a “totally refreshing” escape from the city.

At the same time, there is certainly something to be said about seeing the rest of the world. That’s what Kendrick Uy is doing right now and one of his most recent visits was to the Australia Zoo, just outside of Brisbane. Home of the late Steve Irwin, this is truly one of the most spectacular facilities you will ever see. For starters, they take their tigers for walks around the park.

In his first ever trip outside the United States, Bob Buskirk found himself staying at the luxurious Mira Hong Kong. Found in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the hotel offers easy access to Ladies’ Market, Victoria Harbour, and the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island. And they give you a free Wi-Fi hotspot to take with you around town too.

Speaking of technology and mobility, Rebecca Coleman recently reviewed the Surface Pro 4. I’ve been thinking about getting a new laptop, as my current Ultrabook is several years old, and Microsoft’s versatile machine is certainly one of the main contenders. There’s a lot to like in this convertible PC.

Is everything awesome? Ryan Bickham has some thoughts on the recently released The LEGO Batman Movie, the epic spinoff from The Lego Movie a few years back. The voice cast “is superb” with Will Arnett as Batman, Zach Galifinakis as the Joker, and Michael Cera as Robin.

Far be it for a lowly commoner to counsel esteemed royalty, but that’s exactly what Chris Rothwell is doing. He’s got some advice for Beyonce and Jay-Z as music’s royal couple are expecting twins. Chris has been through the double baby duty dance, so he knows a thing or two about keeping in step with the beat.

And finally, we wrap up with Chris Farley Ratcliffe and his list of key takeaways from the recent Dad 2.0 Summit in San Diego. He talks about fatherhood, telling stories, and how brands can fit into this evolving narrative.