Can you believe it? This little weekly vlogging challenge of mine has officially hit double digits. In this 10th edition, Vancouver gets slammed once again with another snowmageddon. This is definitely out of the ordinary for the area, especially considering that it is already February. Even so, we braved these crazy winter conditions for some family fun time at the mall followed by The Little Mermaid musical put on by Align Entertainment.

I’ve talked about snowmageddon in Vancouver at least a couple of times before. The city seemed much more prepared this time around with the plows and the salt trucks. I think it hasn’t been quite as cold either, so we haven’t had to deal with as much ice.

You might remember when we went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last fall. The response was so positive that Align Entertainment will be bringing it back for another run later on this year, followed by Legally Blonde next spring. Several of the cast members carry over to the current production of The Little Mermaid too, which is also playing at Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby.

We had the good fortune to receive a pair of tickets to the preview show over the weekend. Braving the snow was well worth it. The basic plot behind the musical closely mirrors that of the Disney animated movie — Ariel yearns to live among the humans and trades her voice in exchange for three days above the surface — so you’ll certainly be among familiar territory.

The musical offers a great mix of treasured classics and original songs. Many people in the audience, my 30-something wife included, were happily singing along to “Part of Your World” and “Kiss the Girl.” Elyse Maloway perfectly captured the joyful and innocent spirit of Ariel, particularly the silent nodding smile as she chases after Colton Fyfe’s Prince Eric.

Align Entertainment's The Little Mermaid

I was especially impressed with the costume design. To give the mermaids a more “flowing” way to move about the stage, they were each outfitted with wheeled shoes. Julio Fuentes, in a royal court-inspired outfit, was full of personality in his portrayal of Sebastian. The bubbly Julia MacLean played an adorable Flounder in a bright and puffy blue and yellow costume. And Chris Adams as an extra feathery Scuttle the seagull offered the perfect comic relief.

How they depicted Flotsam (Hannah Williams) and Jetsam (Shawn Szutka), the pair of moray eels who accompany the evil sea witch Ursula (Erin Matchette), was also wonderfully creative, complete with glowing eyes and extra long bodies that flowed across the lengths of the actors’ arms. Oh, and King Triton (Damon Calderwood)? He’s got dad jokes. This really is a show for the whole family.

Check the Align Entertainment website for tickets and more information. The Little Mermaid runs until February 18.

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets to the preview show. All opinions are my own.