I owe a great deal of my professional career to Dot Com Pho. It was through Dot Com Pho that I formed so many great connections, many of which led either directly or indirectly to a lot of the freelance writing work that I’ve done along the way and continue to do today. That’s why it was so great to get together with the old gang again, even if it meant having to endure the harsh snowmageddon that pummeled Vancouver on New Year’s Eve.

I’ve already talked about Vancouver’s snowpocalypse in another vlog, but the snowmageddon returned again and again these last few weeks. And then it really drove the point home on New Year’s Eve with one last snowstorm to round out 2016. The snow kept falling as we kept slurping up our bowls of Vietnamese noodles.

For a little bit of context, Dot Com Pho got its original start some time around 2001, I started attending around 2006, and we started posting videos of our lunch meetups around 2008. It used to be every week and it would always be open invite. Local (and visiting) entrepreneurs and techie types would get together, discuss market trends, exchange business advice, and support one another in our respective online endeavors.

But we haven’t been getting together nearly as often for the last few years. We really should and I hope that our New Year’s Eve gathering will motivate us to organize our meetups more frequently.

Watch the video above for a taste (no pun intended) of what happens at Dot Com Pho. Can you spot the references to fellow YouTubers Lok Cheung (formerly of DigitalRev) and Sara Dietschy (of Creative Spaces TV)?

Pho at Dot Com Pho