What's Up Wednesdays: Rising to the Top

It’s Wednesday, so we’re off on another virtual stroll through the blogosphere. (Do people still say “blogosphere” anymore?) Anyone who is friends with Bob Buskirk on Facebook will know that he loves posting positive life affirmations. And one of the most important life lessons he has learned in his 32 years is that material possessions really don’t matter that much. The happiness they provide is fleeting at best. Investing in experiences is a far better idea.

Coming from a completely different set of life choices is Steven Goodwin. He is now sharing some key lessons he learned after one month as a stay-at-home dad. Whereas I started the whole work-at-home dad thing from the day my baby was born, Steven is starting out with girls in preschool and daycare. The housework never ends and the schedule can get increasingly hectic, so make sure you plan accordingly if you’re thinking about making the leap.

And since you’ll have all this free time staying at home with the kids (yes, I’m saying that sarcastically), you might want to flip on over to Dylan Cutler. She’s sharing a great vegan recipe for lemon lavender cakes. It may be a bit of a “summery” dessert and we’re probably a little closer to fall already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still indulge in this delicious treat that’s great for boosting the immune system and improving digestion.

Speaking of autumn, Rebecca Bollwitt is already looking ahead to next month when Vancouverites can hop on board the Stanley Park Ghost Train. Set to open on October 8 and running seven days a week, this year’s spooky Halloween train is themed after the Day of the Dead. I went several years ago when it was themed after Alice in Nightmareland and it was a great time.

You know what else goes with Halloween? Far too much candy and chocolate! Jessica Blumel has some advice for any concerned parents out there, offering dental tips for kids as they head back to school. Be sure to pack a healthy lunch, ideally devoid of those sticky and sugary foods that are known to cause cavities. Do you have any advice for how to make brushing fun for the little ones?