What's Up Wednesdays: Tell Better Stories

It’s Wednesday again, so let’s get over those hump day blues with another speedlink. We have Britany Robinson starting things off with some advice on how you can tell better travel stories. Whether you’re recounting the terrific Tuscan dinner you had in Florence or the Napa Valley wine tour you just took, just skip the beginning. Not too many people are going to be interested in how you chose to pack your bag and which route you took to get to the airport. Get to the juicy bits right away!

Some people choose to tell their stories through words. Other people might explore a different medium. Holly Phillips runs an artist spotlight series on her blog and one of the most recent entries shines that spotlight on artist Megan Carty. Originally from Maine and now based out of Massachusetts, Carty creates visual art. Her new “Pop Fragments” collection aims to explore “the fact that life is all about the prosaic moments we live between milestones. That space is beautiful, deep and simple.”

I’ve never been in the best of shape. I’m also not really one to go to the gym. Pavlina Toren offers a few suggestions for how you can get your workout in without ever having to step foot in a gym (and pay for an expensive gym membership). Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you can access hours upon hours of workout videos. Playing with your kids (and pets) is another great way to work up a sweat.

Here in Vancouver, the opening of the PNE also marks the end of summer. While we can always expect old standbys like the Superdogs and mini donuts, Helisa Duplassie is sharing what is new at this year’s PNE. “Unbelievable” offers a magical experience every evening, kids can swing on through the Angry Birds special exhibit, and you can totally nerd out at the Alien Worlds and Androids in the Garden Auditorium. There is always a lot to see at the fair and this year is no different.

And lastly, we go for a journey halfway around the world without leaving our major metropolitan area. Diana Chan recently had the opportunity to check out Maji Taiwanese Stir Fry in Richmond, sampling a few of their signature dishes. Might I interest you in some spicy deep fried chicken? How about the braised food platter with pork intestines, chicken gizzard and beef tripe. Offal is hardly awful. And then there was the fruity Taiwanese beer to go along with all that too.