Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa (Video Tour)

A few weeks ago, I took a quick business trip down to Napa Valley in California to check out some new computer gear and to sample some fine wine. Packing up my day bag once again, I made my way over to Harrison Hot Springs last week for a similar kind of adventure. The difference was that, while we did start at Vancouver International Airport again, we didn’t get on a plane. Instead, we drove the 2017 Ford Fusion.

After a scenic drive, we arrived at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. It’s the largest and perhaps best known hotel in the area, located at the far end of Esplanade Avenue. There are all sorts of amenities here, including multiple pools, tennis courts, water sports rentals, and spa treatments.

I didn’t exactly partake in any of those — I was too busy doing my best Bob Ross impersonation — but I did have a very enjoyable time. Between our afternoon painting session and our wine tasting and dinner in the evening, I took a quick stroll through the Miami River Bridges Trail. It’s listed as a “hike,” but it’s really just a trail through a forested area with a number of very short bridges.

In any case, here’s a video tour of my room on the top floor of the west tower. As I understand it, there are options for larger adjoining rooms that would be much more accommodating to families. Curiously, my room appeared to be quite different from the room that Stephen was given in the east tower. I’ve included that below as well.

Welcome to Harrison Hot Springs. #nofilterneeded #nofilter #FordFusion

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