What's Up Wednesdays: Out with the Kids

Every Wednesday, I share a collection of fun blog posts from around the web. This week, we start by taking to the skies. Or rather, choosing perhaps not to take to the skies. You see, Janette Shearer has had a falling out with the airlines and she wants to “break up” with them. Things were a lot better in the beginning, but flying with the little ones has become an increasingly difficult challenge. We’ve flown twice with our daughter, most recently to Montreal, and I can sympathize with her sentiments.

When Jeff Bogle isn’t too busy huffing it up at HuffPo Parents or writing for Esquire, he’s “out with the kids.” Sometimes, though, the best journeys start at home. He shares his recipe for a grilled veggie grilled cheese sandwich that’s perfect for picky eaters. Perhaps one of the biggest difference here is that he’s not using some regular old loaf of white bread. He’s rocking a round flatbread, along with zucchini, yellow squash, and roasted red peppers. Yum!

Many kids are fascinated by the animal kingdom. Tara Jensen takes us on a quick trip to the Greater Vancouver Zoo where they’ve combined our furry and feathered friends with some fun LEGO creativity. I haven’t been there for years and I think Adalynn would really enjoy it. A special event is taking place at the end of this month and Tara is giving away two tickets on her blog. Check the post for details on how your LEGO creations can get into the animal-themed craze.

Are you ready for some hurdles and high jumps? Tom Burns is helping your kids get ready for the Rio Olympics by sharing some great books on the subject. The children’s books explore what the Summer Olympics are, the significance of the Olympic rings and the triumphant story of an underdog who happens to be a pig. The Summer Games kick off on August 5. How it’ll hold up in the face of Zika may or may not be a subject you’ll want to discuss with your littlest ones.

Finally, I don’t normally turn to larger, more commercial properties for these speedlinks. This time, I’ll make an exception. Christopher Cheung from Vancouver Courier recently wrote about the story behind Duffin’s Donuts, a treasured Vancouver classic with some of the best donuts and fried chicken in town. I remember going to the original location on Main Street to enjoy my first ever Viet Chicken Torta Sub. The tale of owners Tony Chhuon and Paula Sim is certainly worth reading.