What's Up Wednesdays: Pokemon GO

Many of my friends have been busy traveling across the land, searching far and wide. And then they post about their “catch of the night” on Facebook. Pokemon GO has exploded onto the scene and it’s got everyone talking. Despite all this excitement, Clayton Imoo has indicated that he is no fan and he has zero interest in trying to “get it.” Maybe he’s just a old Luddite.

Indeed, Brock McLaughlin is in the completely opposite camp, offering his response to people who are hating on “old nerds” for playing the game. You may have seen memes saying that people are too busy being adults to play such a silly game. Brock disagrees, explaining how this game could help small business grow. It’s convincing indoorsy types to venture beyond their doors and you can capitalize on this phenomenon.

One great benefit to the game, as pointed out by Fiona Macdonald, is that the act of going around to collect a Snorlax or a Clefairy is actually helping people with depression. This is hardly scientific at this point, but many people have taken to Twitter to proclaim how playing has changed their lives for the better. It could be thanks to the simple fact that Pokemon GO forces players to get up, go outside, walk around and explore. Maybe it’s the motivation factor and the sense of purpose.

Turning to an entirely different topic that has been making the news lately, Chris Farley Ratcliffe takes a moment to explore his white privilege. In light of the recent police shootings and the rising prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement, Chris asks if he is a part of the problem. In his own words, “Racism is a foreign concept to me.” He fears he may have just been paying lip service this whole time and not really moving toward being a part of the solution.

And finally, we open our eyes with Mantas J as he shares the best travel photographs of the year as chosen by National Geographic. The image that took home the big prize depicts a Mongolian man wrangling up a group of horses among the morning mist. It’s a truly stunning work. Among the other notable photographs, you’ll find images of red foxes on the run in Japan, a green and bustling New York City, and families sleeping on a rooftop in India.