Transcend DrivePro 520

You may have noticed a recent trend among smartphones to offer a dual lens camera system on the back. In the case of the LG G5, for example, one lens offers you a regular field of vision while the other offers a very wide angle view of the world. Having two cameras in one isn’t restricted to just smartphones. Just take a look at the Transcend DrivePro 520, a dashcam for your car that will simultaneously record both what’s happening outside your vehicle and what’s happening inside.

Not to be confused with the PAPAGO! GoSafe 520, which is an entirely different dashcam that just so happens to have the same 520 model number, Transcend’s bold take on the video car recorder segment is undeniably different from what you find with other manufacturers. But why would you want to record the inside of the car?

As I mention in the unboxing and feature overview video embedded below, I imagine the Transcend DrivePro 520 could be an excellent tool for all the Uber and Lyft drivers out there. It’d be equally useful for cab drivers, bus drivers, or anyone else who may be shuttling strangers around town. If something were to happen, there would be video evidence of it. Both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras can record in full HD 1080p.

In addition to the unique dual camera design, this dashcam also comes with a number of other useful features. A larger 32GB microSD card is included in the package. It also boasts integrated GPS and Wi-Fi, the latter of which is used to connect to the free mobile app. Through the app, you can download your footage and share it on social media.

The Transcend DrivePro 520 retails for just under $200 and is available now. Expect a fuller written review, complete with video samples, to be posted on in the coming weeks.