Amazon Kindle Oasis

In an age where our smartphones (and tablets) have come to replace so many of our other personal electronics, some people might question why you might want a dedicated e-book reader in the first place. Part of it has to do with battery life. Part of it has to do with the e-ink screen. Part of it has to do with disconnecting, if only for a short period of time. But you’ve got to wonder whether you’re willing to drop $400 on the new Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Announced not that long ago, the new Kindle Oasis is the newest addition to the Kindle family from Amazon and it is definitely hitting the highest end of the ebook reading spectrum. And I thought the Kindle Voyage was expensive at about $300. What do you get with the even spendier Kindle Oasis?

For starters, it’s probably the lightest Kindle you’ve ever held. It also boasts a brand new design that departs significantly from the other three e-readers in the lineup. And then there’s that battery-boosting cover that comes “included” in the package. This is certainly a niche product and it won’t have the same kind of wide appeal as the far cheaper Paperwhite.

In the video embedded below, I go through what you can expect when you open up the box for the Kindle Oasis, as well as some first impressions for what I think about this new e-reader. The full review will be published on MEGATechNews after I’ve put this device through the wringer.

The Kindle Oasis starts at $289.99 on and $399.99 in Canada. That’s for the WiFi-only model. The 3G version is about $100 more.