A sweet summer escape

Oftentimes, we turn to the Internet in search of a sweet escape, living vicariously through other people and their stories. In this week’s speedlink, we get away from the everyday, starting with Bianca Bujan and her recent trip to Summerland. It was a full family affair with several mom bloggers bringing their kids along for the ride. The BC interior is filled with opportunities for adventure, from visiting the vineyards to indulging in the epic Pig Out Festival in Osoyoos.

If you’re looking to take a trip without leaving the house, Sean Bromilow can send you off to Mexico with his recipe for Yucatecan fish tacos. These aren’t your regular, run of the mill fish tacos either, as this version is all about the spice of the Yucatecan achiote. It’s not spicy in a “light your tongue on fire” kind of way, but rather in an “add depth and dimension to the fish” kind of way. The green peach salsa really finishes it off with a bright and vibrant touch.

Continuing on the theme of fish but without the need to figure out how to cook it yourself, Pearl Lam has an extensive list of where you can find a great poké bowl in Vancouver. As you might already know, poké is one of the dishes you have to eat when you visit Hawaii. It’s basically the Hawaiian variant of other raw fish creations like sashimi or ceviche and it has become all the rage recently. Vancouver, being a foodie city, is keen to hop on this trend.

For a sweet escape of the liquid variety, Rex Crum decided to put together his short tribute to Prince, not only by writing about the artist and his work, but also by creating a custom cocktail in his honor. In a rather spontaneous fashion, Rex concocted what he calls the Purple Rain, a simple vodka cocktail with grape soda, grenadine and a squirt of lime juice. It’s the kind of drink you want to party like it’s 1999, all while wearing your raspberry beret and driving your little red Corvette.

And finally, we turn to the world of fashion with Maria Polansky. The runways can get dominated by tall and skinny women, but the fashion choices of more petite stars at the Met Gala demonstrate that shorter women can rock some serious looks too. The theme of the Met Gala this year was technology and the dresses being worn certainly reflect that with lots of metallics and even a dress that looks like it was made with discs.