What's Up Wednesdays: Styling and Profiling

Despite what the above image may lead you to believe, this week’s speedlink has very little to do with the Nature Boy. It’s more of a tangential relationship with Ric Flair and his inclination toward styling and profiling. We start off with Bryan Alkire and his experience with being the only dad at his daughter’s gym class. He was very much treated like a frightening outsider among the group of moms and their children. It may surprise you to hear that dads aren’t all that scary once you get to know them.

On the subject of men and their daughters, James Zahn attended the Hillary Clinton rally with his girls. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with Clinton’s politics, an event like this can be truly inspirational for girls and young women across the country. Politics doesn’t have to be an old boys’ club and neither does success in any other career path. Do you see a future in public office for your kids?

Next, Jamie Dunlop Khau from Styling the Inside talking about the trouble with sharing on social media. Inevitably, we start to compare ourselves with our peers and these comparisons are the leading cause of Facebook depression. Why wasn’t I invited to that event? Why can’t my career be that successful? Why can’t I lose weight like that? The main problem is that we are comparing ourselves to how our friends portray themselves on Facebook and not necessarily how their lives actually are.

Your sense of happiness and purpose are both heavily derived from family life. Familial troubles can taint any other positive experience you may have, as Janette Shearer illustrates with two stories involving her family. There was a time when she didn’t get along with her sister-in-law and she has her share of struggles with her older brother too. At the end of the day, family is important, but you shouldn’t let people treat you poorly just because they’re family. You deserve better.

And wrapping this up for this week’s blog post collection, we have Cort Ruddy describing the time he took his daughter to her first concert and ruined every future concert for her. They didn’t quite get front row seats and backstage passes, but the seats were awfully good. He says they may have been almost too close, right next to the speakers, and Fall Out Boy put out a terrific performance too. She’s spoiled and he doesn’t regret it one bit. Wooo!