World Warrior - Auschwitz

The world may be your oyster, but it can cost a pretty penny to be flying around the globe. This week, we live vicariously through some of our blogging friends, starting out with a rather sobering post from Clayton Imoo. He’s over in Krakow and he paid a very emotional visit to Auschwitz. Along with his fellow travelers, they toured two of the concentration camp sites. They say the gas chambers, the starvation cells, the barbed wire fences… it was horrifying and eye-opening.

On a far happier note, we follow Kara Lockwood during her one week alone in Beijing as a single female traveler. Many people will tell single women that traveling alone in a foreign land can be scary and dangerous, but it looks like Kara had a great time taking in the local sites and indulging in the local cuisine. I know it was quite the experience for me to visit the Great Wall of China several years back, but I was hardly alone.

Continuing in that part of the world without actually leaving home, Olivia from This West Coast Mommy shares her terrific recipe for Asian marinated beef tenderloin. This recipe was originally born out a “regular” recipe for grilling steak, but she added some “extra Asian inspired zing” by way of such ingredients as ginger, sriracha and balsamic vinegar. Sounds tasty!

It’s amazing how far we can travel using only the magic school bus of our minds and few professions grasp this notion quite as strongly as writers. Damien Riley takes a closer look at the movie The End of the Tour, which explores the inner workings of writer David Foster Wallace. Go behind the scenes, so to speak, of a Rolling Stone interview with the bestselling author, played by How I Met Your Mother‘s Jason Segel.

And finally, we conclude this week’s speedlink with Eschelle Westwood and her recent journey through i-Exit Vancouver. This is a family friendly escape room establishment located along Granville Street in Vancouver. Some of the other other escape rooms popping up around town are more adult-oriented, so it’s good to see an option that even younger escapees and puzzle enthusiasts can enjoy. There are a total of four rooms to choose from.