Pickle Jar by Carol Browne

We start this week’s speedlink with Carol Browne, who recently spent an afternoon filling some jars. As convenient as it might be to head to the local supermarket and just buy a jar of commercial pickles from some mega corporation, there is something to be said about making your own. You know exactly what goes into them and the process can be awfully therapeutic.

Switching gears, Nick Edwards from The Dadcade has put together a simple way to decide what video game to buy based on math. No, you don’t need the dreaded Common Core for this. The goal is to determine the ratio between the retail price for a game and the play time you can expect to get from it. Following this line of thinking, Tetris on the old Game Boy has got to be my all-time best investment. Of course, Nick has to complicate things with playable modes (Pm), pedigree (P) and hype (H).

You can save a lot of money by working from home, because you don’t have to pay for a commute and you’ve have access to tax writeoffs too. Phil Foster explores several ways that you can reduce your home office expenses. First and foremost, especially since you’re paying for everything yourself, you must remember to avoid being wasteful. Don’t leave your computer on overnight!

Of course, you can really start to feel like a jarred pickle yourself when you spend too much time in the same home office. As Kimanzi Constable, you can learn a lot by traveling the world too. By engulfing yourself in foreign cultures and surrounding yourself by foreign languages, you get more comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone and adapting to new situations.

And speaking of new situations and unfamiliar territory, Taslim Jaffer now looks back at her former career as a speech language pathologist and how it compares to her life today as a professional writer. Taslim pursued her passion and can now show up “authentically in the world.” This is her true calling as she is now “moved” by her own work.

Image credit: Carol Browne