Tech Tuesday: ZTE Grand X View Tablet Unboxing Video

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to get some pretty decent technology these days. The more budget-oriented end of the market is looking more compelling than ever, especially given the rapidly shrinking upgrade cycle of the typical consumer. One company that has embraced the notion of perfectly adequate hardware for a more wallet-friendly price is ZTE and the latest addition to their collection is the ZTE Grand X View tablet.

Despite making some headway, ZTE still isn’t exactly a household name. They entered the Canadian smartphone market with ZTE Grand X last year. This was then followed up with the upgraded ZTE Grand X Plus a few months later and then the ZTE Grand X 2 a couple of months ago. All of these devices represented incremental improvements while keeping the price point as low as possible.

The ZTE Grand X View is much the same way, except in tablet form. They’ve focused on the features that matter the most — like having a full HD 1920 x 1200 pixel display, a speedy octa-core processor and fast 4G LTE connectivity — while skimping out on features that don’t matter as much. For my part, Android tablets in the 8-inch range offer that perfect Goldilocks balance between being small enough to be portable, but big enough to be useful.

Sure, you could get the new Amazon Kindle Fire for $50 US, but you wouldn’t get the full Android experience or LTE connectivity. You’d also limit yourself to just 8GB of internal storage and a lower-resolution 7-inch display. Something like the ZTE Grand X View is in an entirely different category, while providing a far more affordable alternative to something like an LTE-compatible iPad mini 4 (which would start at $579 Canadian). You have to remember that this tablet is just $240.

Check out the unboxing video and feature overview embedded below for a closer look at the ZTE Grand X View. A more comprehensive written review is coming to in the next few weeks.