The Little Things That Make Me Smile

These last few days have been particularly trying for me and my family. That’s a big part of the reason why I’ve been rethinking the posting frequency on this blog and that’s why yesterday was the first time in a long time that I’ve “missed” a blog post. And as difficult as this week has been, it has forced me to reconsider my perspective on life and what truly matters.

More specifically, it is far too easy for any of us to get caught up in the things that upset us. It is far too easy to focus on life’s frustrations and shortcomings, detracting from the intrinsic value we can glean from life’s precious little moments. We must remember to smile. We mustn’t forget that life is a gift and we must treasure every moment.

To this end, a quick introspection has helped me to recognize some of the little things that make me smile.

  • Baby’s smile: My life was forever changed last September when Adalynn entered our world. Even on the roughest and toughest of days, when I see her peek around the corner, tilt her head (it’s one of her idiosyncrasies) and smile at me with her big goofy smile, I feel better. Her laughter is the best medicine.
  • Cold beer: I’d hardly consider myself an expert in hops, malt and IBUs, but I do enjoy an ice cold beer on a hot summer’s evening. I recently purchased a growler from the local microbrewery and have been taking it around town for fills. I’m glad to support local, small business and I get to have some of the freshest beer in the comfort of my home too.
  • Music discovery: I don’t listen to traditional radio all that much anymore, nor do I follow what little music videos are now shown on television. Now and then, though, I’ll let Spotify or TuneIn Radio do its thing and I’ll discover a great new track from artists I know (and ones I don’t). Music fuels the soul and smiles empower creativity.
  • Free parking: I’m not cheap; I’m frugal. In all seriousness, one of life’s greatest little joys is when I roll up on a parking spot to discover it is either free or that the meter still has enough time on it that my stay will be free. It’s a small victory, but a happy one.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Focus on the big picture, to be sure. Just don’t forget to see the forest for the trees, branches and underbrush too.

To end today’s post, I have a very important message. For the love of all things sacred and precious, if you are a smoker, please quit. Quit today. Not a single puff. If not for your own health, do it for the sake of those who love and care about you.