What's Up Wednesdays: Jurassic Behavior

This past weekend, Star-Lord demonstrated his “raptor whisperer” skills to the tune of over half a billion dollars. To say that Jurassic World has generated some serious buzz would be an understatement. Celebrating our love for all things prehistoric, The Good Men Project collected up some great images of dads and their kids recreating classic Jurassic Park scenes. The original Michael Crichton novel changed my life and I hope this new film instills the same level of enthusiasm in the new generation.

Next up on this week’s speedlink, Scott H. Young explains to his friend why he should not to start a business. It’s not that the friend had a bad idea or that Scott wanted to discourage the competition. It’s that his friend wasn’t prepared to tackle his new online business on a full-time business nor did he have that aspiration; the friend only wanted it as “a side activity to generate a bit of extra revenue.” This meant that he would only experience the beginnings of exponential growth without reaping the rewards of the bigger payoff.

On a similar note from a similarly successful Internet entrepreneur, Zac Johnson outlines why shiny object syndrome is killing your business. It can be very discouraging when you face a lack of success when you’re first starting out, so you may be tempted to abandon ship and throw all your eggs into a new basket. The novelty factor certainly comes into play, but if you’re not willing to persevere through the tough times, you’ll end up with a number of mediocre attempts rather than one successful one.

Moving over to the world of culinary delights, “The Food Queen” Amy Smith offers her review of VanVan Izakaya. The Japanese restaurant is located along the bustling Robson Street neighborhood in Downtown Vancouver, offering izakaya-style small dishes. She sampled mainstays like ebi mayo and grilled ika, as well as the more playful Russian Roulette takoyaki where one of the octopus balls has been filled with wasabi. The beef tataki looks really good too.

Disciplining a child is difficult at the best of times and the kinds of tools in parents’ arsenals continue to change. “West Coast Mommy” Olivia asserts that even though a growing number of parents are doing it, you should not use public shaming as a method of discipline. The long term ramifications are far too profound and you could be adversely affecting the future employment and relationship prospects of your not-so-little one moving forward.