What's Up Wednesdays: Just Smile

Life can be hard. Life can be frustrating. Life can be exhausting. And that’s why we need to start this week’s speedlink with a simple lesson from educator Damien Riley. Rather than focusing on the things that upset us, he’s listing off the many things that make him smile. Happiness can come from the humblest of places, like enjoying a good cup of coffee, hearing from a good friend on Facebook, and getting recognized for writing a blog post.

Giving “the talk” is no easy task for even the most forward-thinking of parents. You’d think that when Dr. Josh Misner found himself in a room filled with prepubescent girls and their mothers, he’d be uncomfortable talking to his daughter about puberty. He wasn’t. In fact, he was far more comfortable talking about sex and hormones and periods than most of the mothers in the room. Josh, you are a fine example not only for fathers, but for all parents.

Picking a name for your baby-to-be can be difficult, especially when connotations and connections are made after the fact. That’s exactly what happened when Jim Coulson and his wife decided to name their daughter Elsa. This was one month before the Disney movie Frozen came out and all the little girls became infatuated with those icy superpowers. At least it won’t be hard for her to find merchandise with her name on it!

Something that doesn’t make David Wilkening smile is how the freelance writing profession has changed since he started several decades ago. It’s a lot harder to make money as a writer today, he says, because everyone thinks they can do it. However, there is a profound difference between someone who calls himself a writer and an actual working writer who earns his living through the craft.

You may have seen Ashton Kutcher’s recent outburst about the lack of change tables in men’s public washrooms. You’d think that most dads would rally behind this effort, but not Darrell Milton. He has a different perspective on the matter, explaining why he doesn’t want restaurants, businesses and community centres to put baby change tables in the men’s room. His solution is far better than that.