Happy Family

We start this week’s speedlink with a post from Oren Miller, one of the more prominent and influential members of the so-called “daddy blogger” movement. He writes about the push to convince Amazon to change the name of one of their programs from Amazon Mom to Amazon Family, encouraging everyone to sign the petition. It is incredibly curious why the program continues to be called Amazon Mom in the United States, when it is called Amazon Family everywhere else. Moms aren’t the only ones responsible for child care!

You may or may not notice that the post from Oren above is actually from two years ago. However, the campaign for the Amazon Family name change is receiving a renewed push this week. That’s because Oren Miller recently passed away. The Rookie Dad offers his thoughts on the man he never met, describing just how much of an inspiration Oren was to the online dad community. Indeed, Miller was the one who started a Facebook group for dad bloggers that is now over 1,000 members strong.

This will naturally depend on the specific circumstances of your family, but in many instances, both mom and dad need to bring in some income in order to make things work. That being said, as Holly Johnson, examining the costs of child care may change your mind about working when you have kids. You have to think about how staying at home will impact your career prospects moving forward, just as much as you need to consider the “hidden benefits” of being a full-time caretaker.

The Internet is at once fleeting and permanent. Making your way through your archives, you may have encountered the same conundrum as Jack in thinking about whether or not you should delete old blog posts. Jack isn’t worried about outdated opinions or viewpoints. Instead, he’s thinking more about how his old posts may now contain a number of broken links to sites or posts that don’t exist anymore.

If you like to eat good food, you can oftentimes do so vicariously through the social media channels of Melody Fury. Many of her posts are from eating around town, but one of her more recent entries highlights what she’s been cooking in her own kitchen. In some ways, you could say this is similar to the post I did late last year featuring #KwansCreativeCatering. In Melody’s pictorial roundup, she showcases everything from a breakfast sandwich to poached halibut, sous vide chicken wings to an epic paella.