When you are a writer, you can live and work practically anywhere in the world. Steffani Cameron is taking that philosophy to heart with her next adventure, which she is documenting on her new “Full Nomad” blog. In one of the first posts, she explains why she chose Croatia as the first destination for her upcoming journey. She says it’s like “the awkward teen on the verge of a promising adulthood.” That’s one way of putting it!

While he may not be necessarily all that inclined to go “full nomad” himself, Chris Golden is recognizing the opportunity of unemployment after being laid off from a job that he has had for eleven years. You may recall that Amber Strocel is going through a similar situation. Losing your job, particularly through no fault of your own, can be depressing. Or it can be a blessing in disguise, giving you the chance to “recharge your soul” and “exercise your mind.”

Our sense of identity can be intimately intertwined with our choice of career. And as important as work may be, Robin Oxford-Davis reminds us of the four real factors that will determine your happiness. It’s about how you feel, how you look, who you love and what you believe. For many of us, happiness can be determined by a lifestyle and a mindset, and not by the size of a biweekly paycheck. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?

There are conventional ways to learn and to teach. If you want to tell a child about the countries of the world, you might take out a globe. That’s not what Neal Call did. Instead, he decided to create a map carved from orange peel. More recently, he did it again, this time illustrating the United States to his daughter. Oh, and he didn’t just create an outline of the US; he made individual orange peel pieces for each individual state. Is that dedication, artistry or insanity?

You have many transportation options for your traveling adventures. You could fly. You could drive. You could take the train. Or, you could do what Drew Gilbert did to get from Seattle to San Francisco and hop on a Greyhound bus. This is decidedly one of the most economical ways to get from one city to another, but it was an arduous 23-hour journey. Thankfully for Drew, he described the trip as “something inherently comfortable,” possibly because he got to enjoy the thrill of traveling alone.