Talking on the edge in Zurich

Many people may not be fans of Bell Canada and some say that the heavy-handed branding is a bit much, but when it comes to #BellLetsTalk each year, we can’t help but to show our support in an effort to raise both awareness and funds for mental health issues. And so, we kick off this week’s speedlink with Chris Farley Ratcliffe as he discusses his wife’s battle with anxiety. Indeed, it is hard to explain and hard to understand. Even so, the first step is to talk about it openly and free of stigma.

And speaking of health issues, fellow Internet entrepreneur Tyler Cruz has been formally diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. It’s a “disease of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance.” He says that he has been battling with vertigo and Tinnitus (“ringing of the ears”), which is wholly disorienting and absolutely disruptive. Please send him your well wishes as he continues to deal with constant dizziness and blurred vision too.

Here in Canada, we are fortunate in that mothers can be afforded up to a full year of maternity leave. Regular working dads, on the other hand, only take a couple weeks off before heading back to the office. Joe Bradshaw of the UK has decided on a different approach as he will be taking six weeks of paternity leave. It has become an odd state of affairs that a new father feels the need to justify such a decision. I’ve already written about my struggles as a work-at-home dad, but I wouldn’t trade this time with Adalynn for anything in the world.

There are always a few things that hold a special place in our hearts. Our childhood homes, for instance. A treasured toy is another example. And in the case of Amber Strocel, she recently had to bid farewell to her dear friend of a decade and a half: her Honda Civic. This was more than “just a car” to her, because it was her first act as a fully-employed university graduate. She used it for her work commutes, for her return to school, and even for transporting her wedding dress. But after an unfortunate total loss, the Silver Bullet has bit the bullet.

This week’s speedlink comes full circle and back to the topic of health as Carter Gaddis provides his thoughts for World Cancer Day, which happens to be today. Cancer is something that we assume only happens to other people, but consider that about 8 million people around the world are expected to die from cancer this year and some 1.6 million will be diagnosed in the United States. Cancer is not beyond us and neither is early detection or effective treatment. Let’s talk.