Vancouver Chinatown

We start this week’s speedlink with Cathy Browne as she recounts her Modern Chinatown Tasting experience with Vancouver Food Tour. It’s easy to assume that Vancouver’s Chinatown is an old place with medicinal herbs and knick-knacks, it’s also become home to non-Chinese establishments like The Modern Bartender, Calabash Bistro (Caribbean), Bestie (German) and Mamie Taylor’s (American soul food).

They say that the fear of public speaking ranks even higher than the fear of death. That means that more people are afraid of giving the eulogy than being the guy in the casket! All kidding aside, Zac Johnson is sharing some public speaking tips from Gary Vaynerchuk. Exude confidence, prepare months in advance and dare to be different. And you know what? You don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at it either. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg!

Like me, John Biehler was recently down in Las Vegas for CES 2015. Unlike me, he actually roamed the trade show floor and he paid particular attention to 3D printing zone in the Sands Expo. What started out as a very niche part of the industry has quickly blossomed into something so much bigger. And as is the case with so many modern innovations, 3D printing is also going smaller with a greater number and variety of mini printers. John also looked at printing with food, 3D printing fashion, and 3D scanning.

You learn a lot of lingo and jargon when you find out that you’re expecting your first child. Dave “the DADventurer” demystifies some of that language with his second list of pregnancy-related vocabulary, running from N to Z. I know I picked up a lot of these terms myself. Do you know what “quickening” is? What about oxytocin, Rhesus disease, ventouse and zygote? There’s even an awkward family photo of a water birth.

And finally, any fans of Gavin Aung Than who happen to be down in Southeast Asia will want to listen up. The Zen Pencils artist and author will be hosting a book signing in Singapore on Wednesday, February 4th at the Books Kinokuniya main store in Ngee Ann City. Before the book signing itself, Gavin will be on hand for a quick Q&A session. He does some truly inspirational work.