Your Favorite Unconventional Holiday Movies

Everyone has their favorites. Some people are charmed by timeless classics like Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life. Others prefer slightly more modern fare like Elf or Bad Santa. And let’s not forget about all those great Christmas specials on TV too.

But what about all those holiday movies that aren’t really holiday movies?

These are the kinds of films that just happen to take place during the Christmas holidays but don’t necessarily have much of a charming holiday message to them (though they might). As you curl up next to the fireplace with your cup of eggnog and slice of fruitcake (does anyone actually like fruitcake?), consider loading these flicks for the whole family to enjoy. Well, maybe not the kids. Some of these may not be so appropriate for little ones.

It may surprise many of you that I’ve never really gotten into the Dr. Who universe at all, but I’ve been told that the Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned Christmas Special can be pretty enjoyable for those of you who know all about TARDIS and Time Lords. It stars David Tennant in the title role with an adventure featuring a futuristic Titanic spaceship.

No list of unconventional holiday movies would be complete without mentioning our friend John McClane and the original Die Hard. As a refresher, the New York detective’s estranged wife is held hostage in a high-rise office building and it’s up to our hero to save her. Yippie-ki-yay indeed.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Gizmo. In Gremlins, a young man receives the cute creature as an unconventional Christmas present. When he ignores the specific care instructions, some not-so-nice creatures emerge to wreak havoc on the town.

Well before Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan got all serious with our Dark Knight, there was Michael Keaton reprising his role in Batman Returns. It’s Christmas in Gotham City with Penguin and Catwoman. What’s not to love?

Last but not least, we have the original Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin. He fights off a couple of would-be home intruders after his family forgets to take him along for their holiday trip. Those booby traps have become iconic!

Do you have a Christmas tradition in your household when it comes to holiday movies? Do you have a favorite Christmas flick that’s a little outside the norm? Comment below and spread some of that festive cheer.