Free Samples from Enfamil Family Beginnings and Similac Club (Video)

As a new father, I hear a lot of the same advice. I get it from fellow parents, I get it from healthcare professionals and I get it from the general public. When the baby sleeps, I should be sleeping too. There are times when the baby cries, particularly at night, and she simply will not be consoled. You just have to let her cry it out. And babies can be incredibly expensive and that’s why you’ve got to take advantage of as much free stuff as you possibly can.

That last little piece of advice gels quite well with my naturally frugal tendencies. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Before Adalynn showed up, we had already received our care packages from the Nestle Baby Program and the Shoppers Drug Mart VIB Program. We got a bunch of coupons, some diapers and so on. Building on that collection, we also signed up for the programs from Enfamil and Similac.

Yes, we completely understand that breast milk is what’s best for baby and it will continue to be our goal to raise Adalynn exclusively on that for as long as we can. We also understand that there are all sorts of circumstances where infant formula may enter the conversation, so we may as well stock up on some free samples. That way, should that need arise, we’re prepared and we can see if Adalynn has a brand preference. Yes, we’ve also been told that some babies will very much prefer one brand of formula over another.

The Similac Club offers “up to $120 in free gifts” for signing up, whereas Enfamil Family Beginnings provides “over $160 in coupons, samples and special offers.” Both of these are free to join and they work in fundamentally the same way as the programs from Nestle Baby and Shoppers Drug Mart. I imagine there’s an “online community” element and there is very clearly a marketing slant to this whole business.

In any case, if you have a wee one in your family or you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, there’s not much harm in signing up for these kinds of programs. Embedded below is my video with what you get in your initial care packages from Similac and Enfamil.