6 day old Lexy

It is said that the Inuit people have dozens of words for snow and ice. Given this, when they see a vast expanse of frozen tundra, they may interpret the scene differently than someone from the tropics. With this kind of perspective in mind, we start this week’s speedlink with Scott Young who discusses the effect of language on thought. Is it true that you become more respectful when thinking in Korean or more passionate when thinking in Spanish?

Next, we have Tyler Cruz considering a completely different direction in his professional life. He’s been working as a successful Internet and affiliate marketer for a number of years, but now he’s thinking about becoming a landlord instead. Tyler is carefully conducting research on how best to go about acquiring multi-family rental properties that will result in the best and most reliable return on his $200,000 investment.

We all want to be healthier, wealthier and happier. To that end, Steve Roy lists eight good reasons why you suck at life. While that may sound quite negative, the post provides the kind of direction that you need in order to turn it into a positive. Be less cynical, don’t drain the energy of others, and don’t define yourself by your dead end job. These are above and beyond the ideas in the course outline I posted a few years back.

One guy who definitely doesn’t suck at life is Dennis Pang. He’s a successful Vancouver area entrepreneur and he may be even better known for his never-ending stream of food porn on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Continuing with his non-sucky life, Dennis recently test drove the Audi Q5 3.0 TDI. The luxurious compact SUV features an ultra classy interior, ample legroom in the front and back, and an impressive 428 lb-ft of torque (though the turbo-diesel V6 only develops 240 horsepower).

Closing out this speedlink is Adrian Kulp, providing the oft-overlooked perspective of the stay-at-home dad. He explores 10 things you didn’t know about this particular demographic, like how they hate being called Mr. Mom or how they’re “a little freaked out about our retirement plan.” After shopping for a baby travel system, among countless other items, I’m personally feeling excited, anxious and terrified about the arrival of Baby Kwan later this year. How will the baby affect my work-from-home lifestyle?