Monarch Skyline Hotel - Taoyuan, Taiwan

When you travel to anywhere in the world, one of the bigger decisions that you make is where you’re going to stay while you are there. Some people prefer to go as budget as possible, saving their money for excursions and adventures. Other people indulge in more luxurious lodgings, pampering themselves with more amenities and larger rooms. Well, as I mentioned last week, I am currently here in Taiwan on a business trip and the first leg has me staying in Taoyuan County.

For our couple of nights in Taoyuan, the good people at In Win Development were kind enough to arrange for our accommodations and pick up the tab. We’re staying at the Monarch Skyline Hotel in Luzhu, Taoyuan County. More specifically, it is in the downtown portion called Nankan and is a relatively short drive away from the airport. It also happens to be walking distance to the Costco and is located steps from the large Taimall, a mega shopping complex that also has restaurants, an arcade, a gym and other activities.

The Monarch Skyline Hotel is definitely toward the higher end of the scale and it seems to cater, at least partly, to the business traveler. The rooms aren’t as gigantic as the suite we had at the Agora Garden Taipei a few years back, but it is a very good size and comes with complimentary Internet (wired and wireless), as well as a hot buffet breakfast.

My video tour of my room at the Monarch Skyline Hotel is embedded below. Stay tuned, as I intend on shooting another video for where we’re staying in Taipei City itself too.