Pad Thai at Longtail Kitchen, by Stacey Robinsmith

For this week’s speedlink, we check in with Trent Hamm from The Simple Dollar. He offers some very useful self-employment advice for anyone who is thinking about going into business for themselves. For instance, he says that you should establish your business structure as early as possible, something that I also discuss in my book, Beyond the Margins. You should also set up a dedicated work space, so you can enter the right kind of mindset.

I don’t normally link out to corporate blogs, but Wordstream has a great infographic explaining how Google AdWords works. The infographic explains how keywords work (and how they’re different than search queries), how the bidding system works, why your quality score matters, and more. If you’re coming from the AdSense side of things, gaining a better understanding of AdWords is definitely in your favor.

Next, Dan Bacon provides some guidance on how you can be a better man. He says that you should be always be a man of your word and you should always be yourself. If you don’t respect yourself for who you are, you can’t possibly expect anyone else to respect you either. And you have to stand up to pressure, keeping a clear and cool head.

You might remember a while back when I highlighted a blog post from Stacey Robinsmith that listed some cool places to eat in Downtown Vancouver. He said that he was going to do a similar post for New Westminster, but that ensuing list didn’t include one of my personal favorites. He has since gone back and written a new post on Longtail Kitchen at River Market. It’s a different kind of Thai restaurant with some great noodles, rice and curries. We had a Dot Com Pho there during last year’s spot prawn season and it was amazing.

And finally, we have perennial top thinker Ray Ebersole going through some key information about how best to manage blood sugar levels as someone with diabetes. You can still have sugar, but you have to learn how much to eat, in what portion and in combination with what other foods. Dealing with serving sizes can be quite the challenge, but Ray has found that eating meals with higher protein content can help slow the ingestion of sugar from the carbs you find in chips, pasta, pizza and the like.