What's Up Wednesdays: Best Enjoyed in Moderation

It’s time once again to share some great reads from around the web.

Kicking things off, we have Buzz Bishop taking us for a trip down memory lane, exploring the 16 years he worked at the Z95.3 FM radio station. During that time, he had the opportunity to interview such notable artists and bands as 98 Degrees, Babyface, Avril Lavigne and James Blunt. He also explains how he got the name “Buzz” in the first place, though he’s still keeping his real name a mystery.

It’s important to network with people in your niche and that’s why industry events can be so valuable. If you’re ever called upon, Morten Rand-Hendriksen has put together a guide for moderating conference panels so that you’re properly organized and attendees get some real value from the talks. I haven’t moderated a panel, but I was a part of two of them at GottaCon in Victoria about a month ago. It’s all about “seeding the coversation.”

Although I am admittedly quite bad at them, I love playing fighting games. That’s why the recent blog post by pro player Ryan Hart is quite revealing as he discusses his experience with fighting against Decapre. She’s one of the new characters for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV and Ryan provides some insight from his matches at Final Round 17 against Decapre, as controlled by Peter “Combofiend” Rosas. She’s an offense-focused, charge-based character, which aligns with my general style.

Shifting gears entirely, we have Lesley and Phoenix from Two Girls One Blog reviewing the Tea Sparrow subscription service. The idea is that you get a fresh box of community-chosen teas each month to sample, enough for up to sixty cups of tea or so. We saw Tea Sparrow at the Vancouver Tea Festival last year and it seems like a pretty cool service. It costs $20 per month, including taxes and shipping.

And lastly, Kristen Lamb reminds us that most people don’t fall entirely into the camp of extroverts nor entirely into the camp of introverts. Most of us are somewhere in between and thus we are what is known as the ambivert. Even so, many people misunderstand what introversion and extroversion is in the first place. A shy person isn’t necessarily introverted and an introvert could actually be the best salesperson.