Hofbrau Munchen, by Ed Lau

It’s time for another speedlink session, so let’s see what caught my eye this week.

First up, we have Lesley Chang listing off ten things she learned from TV, like how you can totally just “enhance” any photo to solve a crime or how red shirts are inevitably doomed to die. I know I learned several valuable life lessons from characters like Danny Tanner too, like the importance of family and how you must remember to have fun.

I’ve been to the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas, but Ed Lau had a far more authentic experience when he went to visit Hofbrau Muchen in Berlin. From giant one liter steins of beer (shown above) to massive platters of meat, they don’t mess around. It’s too bad we don’t have more of this kind of thing in Vancouver, aside from the annual German Christmas Market and a couple of German restaurants.

Whether you’re a blogger, consultant, realtor or designer, chances are that you want to make some decent money. Thursday Bram has an interesting twist on this goal, saying that the easiest way to get rich is to help someone else get rich. When you provide value to your clients and help them succeed in their endeavors, you are giving yourself the best chance at success too. When you help other people, they’re far more likely to help you in return.

We all know that nobody’s perfect, but many of us are still ashamed or embarrassed by our shortcomings. To help us get past that, Kate Toholka has come up with five great tips on how you can be at peace with your imperfections and move on with your life. Your flaws could really be unique strengths and it is perfectly acceptable (and even encouraged) to be vulnerable with other people. You are not alone.

Then again, some “imperfections” should clearly be addressed. Case in point, Jackie Pierre explains yet another reason to hate public transit. It can be a convenient form of transportation, but it could also be a place for some very odd and inappropriate behavior. Mind your manners!