The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

The end of another month will soon be upon us, so I thought I’d take this opportunity once again to recognize the people who contributed the most comments to this blog in October. The first couple of guys are the same as last month, followed by some old friends who have re-emerged.

At the top of the list is Ray Ebersole, our good friend from Florida. Digging into the archives on his blog, we find a post from last year where he discusses Thanksgiving and Black Friday, more specifically about how the “doorbusters” are invading on what used to be a traditional family holiday. We already had Canadian Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago, but Black Friday has become a thing here too.

Next up, we have Betshopboy. He’s continuing along with his trail running adventures, most recently posting his results from the The North Face 100 Singapore trail race. He participated in the 50 kilometer race along a variety of terrain, clocking in a final time of just a little over six hours. That places him in the top 20% of finishers, which is quite the admirable achievement. Check out his blog post for some video highlights too.

We haven’t seen HungrySLIF make the cut for some time, but he has returned to commenting on this blog. His own site is focused on “taking on the world, one spoon at a time.” If you’re a fan of authentic Mexican tacos, then I echo his recommendation of La Taqueria in Vancouver. I’ve only been to the Broadway location and his review (with pictures) is of the downtown location, but the menu, service and quality should be the same. I could really go for some tacos right about now.

You might remember Jim when he still went by Zagorath. That’s still the name and domain he uses for his “Music Meets Tech” blog. Over there, you’ll find his open letter to Boogie in regards to buying video games. He agrees in his dislike for GameStop and EB Games, but he is a big fan of buying used games. Why not save a few dollars on a game that’s new to you? It only makes sense to avoid paying full price if you have the opportunity, right?

And finally, we have Morten Rand-Hendriksen, who offered some great insight on the Law of Jante post yesterday. On his Design Is Philosophy blog, you’ll find a video teaser for the recent Raw Talent 2013: The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit. This started five years ago and has become a stable in the Vancouver photography community.