What's Up Wednesdays: Mo Money, Mo Problems?

It’s time once again for another speedlink!

We start our Internet journey with web entrepreneur Neil Patel. Having worked with large corporations like Amazon and GM, he knows a thing or two about making the big bucks. And that’s why we should all listen when he explains why you’re not making over $100k a year. There are certainly some other factors at play, but your communication skills and your work ethic can go a very long way in determining your success.

Of course, money isn’t everything. In fact, if you listen to Miranda Marquit, you could be corrupting yourself if you obsess about money. There’s a saying that power corrupts, but Miranda cites a CNN Money article that says that thinking about money can put people in “a mindset that results in a willingness to make morally dubious decisions.” Would you cast your ethics aside to make a quick buck?

Switching gears and entering the classroom, we have Ray Ebersole sharing his literary analysis of symbolism in two short stories. He wrote the essay for a class that he’s taking to complete his college degree, and it’s another demonstration of the value of studying English literature. You can take some books and stories at face value, but you’d be missing out on 90% of their meaning and significance. Sometimes, an elephant isn’t just an elephant and a window isn’t just a window.

Sticking with the classroom and making the grade, Abigail Clark talks about how you can make sure your children don’t fail in school. More specifically, she discusses the top three distractions that keep kids away from their studies. While we didn’t have smartphones, tablets or “online entertainment” while I was going through school, I certainly did indulge in a lot of video games.

And finally, Rebecca Bollwitt showcases one of the biggest highlights of any Vancouver summer. As if the beaches didn’t get crowded enough with the Celebration of Light, the festivities will be accompanied by the SHOREfest concert series for each night of the fireworks. These concerts are completely free to attend if you’re willing to brave the crowds. Among the performers this year are Serena Ryder, Daniel Wesley, Deep Dark Woods and Mother Mother. There are concerts at both the Rogue Stage at Sunset Beach and the SHORE104 Stage at English Bay.