Sunset in Vancouver and North Vancouver

As we do every Wednesday around these parts, let’s see what’s happening out there in the wonderful world of blogging.

We start off by visiting Trent Hamm on The Simple Dollar. He reminds us that today matters and it is “the only day that really matters.” You would think that setting goals means that we should focus on the future, but Trent tells us that today is the only day you have “to be sure that you’re moving forward.” Get started right now. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

Next, we have Joseph Planta from The Commentary with his On the Line series. He recently posted his interview with James Cunningham, the host of the popular Eat St. television show. Cunningham recently published a book of recipes based on his food truck explorations. There’s nothing that quite says “live for today” like eating good food.

Of course, you have to survive today if you want to live for today. To that end, Stacey Robinsmith has put together a zombie apocalypse preparedness kit, inspired by the AMC TV series The Walking Dead. You may not have Rick’s leadership or Glenn’s ingenuity, but at least you can prepare yourself. Interestingly enough, they were selling similar zombie survival kits at the Vancouver Home + Design Show last year. Do you have a kit with waterproof matches, a flashlight and a coil of rope?

Living for today means that you have to do a lot of introspection about what is most important to you. It was a difficult decision for Raul Pacheco-Vega to leave Canada and return to Mexico, but he has quickly learned that he has higher standards of living in Aguascalientes compared to what he had in Vancouver. He has more space, more money and a car. And he’s happy he moved. That’s the most important thing.

As much as we freelancers enjoy the relative freedom that our professions afford us, we still want a certain level of predictability in our routines. Lexi Rodrigo address the most critical issue of having regular, predictable income, rather than riding the inevitable ebb and flow of projects coming through your door. Let’s face it, freelancing is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a steady flow of income.

Image credit: Raul Pacheco-Vega