Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul by John Chow with Michael Kwan

Every Wednesday, I gather together five interesting blog posts that I find around the Internet. Sometimes they revolve around a common theme, but other times, like today, the collection is more on the eclectic side. Here’s a little something for everyone.

First, we have John Chow with the fourth part in his series on how to be the go-to expert. Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry or niche can be great for your career and one way to do that is to write and publish a book. You don’t even need to write it yourself, because you can hire someone like me to ghostwrite it for you. 🙂

Next, Darren Barefoot takes a look back at his first ten tweets on Twitter and he feels that they were “particularly idiotic.” At the time, he recognized that Twitter could be an excellent marketing and promotional tool, but he probably went about it in the wrong kind of way. You can ask for a complete tweet archive from Twitter too. What were your first tweets?

Continuing on the topic of Twitter, David Masters takes on the more freelance-oriented perspective and explores how you can find clients on Twitter. Are you reaching out to new followers? Do you have an appropriate bio that clearly states you are available for hire? Are you actively searching for possible gigs and opportunities?

Like a lot of people, Anny Chih was understandably skeptical when she visited a couple of fortune tellers. She was told some things that turned out to be true and other things that didn’t. Now, she recognizes these experiences as a $40 lesson in common sense. If you take these psychic palm readings as a form of entertainment and accept them with a grain of salt, they can’t be that bad, right?

And finally, we have Gus Fosarolli who was recently invited to see the new secret world of sharks and rays exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium. He took plenty of photos and there seems to be a good variety of species on display, including zebra sharks, tiger stingrays and Pacific spiny dogfish. There’s even something called a spotted ratfish!