Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel Room Tour (Video)

As you may already know, I’m back in Las Vegas this week covering the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. There are literally thousands of technology companies here, showing off their latest products and innovations. While you could certainly upgrade to a swanky room at the Encore Las Vegas, realistically, you don’t spend too much time in your hotel room anyway. Location is more important, as long as the room itself is reasonably clean.

And that’s one of the reasons why we decide to stay the Flamingo this year. This wasn’t our first time here, but it is one of the more popular choices for travelers on a budget. The nearby Harrah’s is another good option, for this reason. For us, it was important to be the east side of the Strip, because that is the side where the Las Vegas Monorail is located. If you stay across the street at, say, the Mirage or Treasure Island, then you have to trek through your casino, then across the street, then through another hotel-casino, before taking the long pathway to the Monorail station.

In terms of overall quality and cleanliness, a place like the Flamingo is roughly on par with something like Red Lion in Bellevue or Sixth Avenue Inn in Seattle. The key difference, of course, is that it is in Las Vegas. The lobby area is bigger, you’re surrounded by the casino, and the dining options are pretty good. It also helps that Flamingo is reasonably affordable, though it could certainly use some more updates.

That said, they have revamped their rooms with a few changes. The carpet has been ripped up, for example, and replaced with what appear to be hardwood-like laminate flooring. You get a flat screen TV and plenty of power outlets too. I just wish they gave the same kind of care to the bathroom. In any case, check out the video below and stay tuned to MEGATechNews.com for our coverage from CES.