Asus Press Conference (CES 2011)

What’s going on in the blogosphere (do people still use that term?) this week? Let’s get down to business and see what some great bloggers have to say.

We start off with Darin Wong who is proclaiming that Toastmaster isn’t just for old folks and keeners. Fear of public speaking is incredibly common and while Toastmasters does address that, it can also be helpful for people to learn simply how to give better speeches. And yes, it’s useful for off-the-cuff speaking too.

This week, I’m in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show and I’ll be meeting up with fellow techie Bob Buskirk. He recently wrote on the reasons why he attends trade shows and conferences. Yes, providing coverage of the new gadgets and gizmos is fun, but it’s also about face time with companies, networking with new people, and seeing industry friends who you may not otherwise see. It’s no vacation, but it’s worth the trip.

After nearly a four-month hiatus, Raul Pacheco-Vega has decided to resurrect his personal blog. He felt compelled to comment on the Instagram Terms of Service debacle, the fiscal cliff, and the Newtown tragedy, but he held back because he said he wouldn’t blog. Now, he’s changed his mind and will be blogging on his own terms with no obligations one way or the other.

Perhaps you’d prefer fewer words? If that’s the case, then Jeff Morin could be your guy with his Daily Doodle. His web comic is updated every day, Monday to Friday. One of his recent entries approached the subject of new year’s resolutions and getting rid of some extra weight, but let’s just say the method being used isn’t exactly what you’d expect.

And finally, we put those extra pounds right back on with a visit from Stacey Robinsmith. He made his way to the Spud Shack Fry Company in New Westminster and he described his lunch there as “extraordinary.” Instead of just a regular old fish and chips, he got cod and poutine. You can’t really go wrong with poutine, especially when you get “Belgian frites” rather than regular old French fries.