The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

Every month, I put together a quick list of the people who contributed the greatest number of comments on Beyond the Rhetoric for the previous month. You might recognize some of the names on this list for December 2012 from Novemeber’s Top Thinkers. Let’s see who they are and what they’ve been blogging about on their own sites.

We start off once again with BTR mainstay Ray Ebersole. He’s offering up a year in review on his blog. Ray hasn’t been as active on his blog as he once was, but he’s setting a goal for himself to write once a week moving forward. In 2012, his most popular posts approached such topics as Evernote, Verizon, ActivBoards and how technology and social media are destroying humanity.

Next, we have Zagorath, who may otherwise know as Jim Cullen. Early on in December, Jim discussed some of Facebook’s proposed policy changes that were put up for a vote. For example, did you know that when you hide something from your timeline, like posts or connections, that the update can still be visible elsewhere on Facebook? There is also discussion of how Facebook uses your personal information for its advertising efforts, as well as what happens to users who violate the terms of service.

Speaking of the Internet, Cloud Server is telling you how cloud hosting can make your office mobile. One of the great things about freelancing and working on the web is that I can do it from virtually anywhere in the world. If you have Internet access and you store what you need in the cloud, you are no longer constrained to any single physical location.

While Allan Schroeder does have a blog set up on his site, the bigger focus is on his photography. Check out his architecture gallery, for example, for the kinds of pictures that Allan has been taking. I particularly like the first photo, which appears to be a super wide-angle shot of the inside of an old library, complete with massive Gothic-style windows.

And finally, we have Betshopboy sharing some photos that he took at Phuket FantaSea. It’s a “unique cultural theme park that promises to be the ultimate in night=time entertainment.” Everything is on a grand scale at this 140-acre theme park, including the 4,000 seat Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant, as well as the colorful carnival village and the Palace of the Elephants.