And so, we somehow find ourselves at the end of summer and the kids have started going back to school. Time sure flies. In any case, it’s Wednesday, so let’s get down to the weekly speedlink to see what else is going on around the blogosphere.

We start off with Stephen Fung. After neglecting his personal blog for a year and a half, he has three posts in the last couple of weeks. Most recently, he wrote about the Powell River Harbour Guesthouse and Hostel, which reminds me of some of the places I stayed in Australia. You can get a private room for $55 with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Continuing on the theme of travel, we have Rebecca Bollwitt offering some great photos of the Maui sunrise at Haleakala National Park. That’s located on the eastern side of the island and it is positively breathtaking. I’ll be heading to Maui soon too, so I’ve been following the adventures of Miss 604 quite closely. She also visited a coffee plantation.

A short while back, I met Dot Com Pho newcomer Frank Yu Yan. He told me about his blog that talks about discovering your passion and now the blog has been rebranded. What was once Clever Motivation is now known as 3 Step Motivation. He provides “actionable steps to gaining the motivation you need to finding and pursue your passions.”

Believe it or not, Joseph Planta is celebrating the eight anniversary of his On The Line program at The Commentary. I’ve appeared on the program several times, but I wasn’t on for this season. He has his anniversary show posted (it’s about 90 minutes) and it highlights some of the best interviews and sound bites he’s had in the last year.

I’ve considered going back to school in some form or another and it looks like I’m not alone. Darren Barefoot says that he’s been “toying with the idea of… getting a masters degree” for a half decade. The trouble is that he has no idea what he wants to study. Both of us want something that is reasonably relevant, even if tangentially, to our respective careers. What do you think Darren should take?