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Even though it feels like summer has barely begun, the season is slowly drawing to a close already. The kids are going to be back in school soon and the NFL pre-season has already kicked off. I don’t really wager on professional sports, but those of you who do might want to check out for more on how to bet on NFL games, including explanations of money line bets, prop bets and more. I am looking forward to some more football for sure; I just hope that the hockey season doesn’t get locked out.

In any case, as we work our way toward the end of summer, let’s turn our attention once again to the blogosphere and see what’s on the minds of some of our favorite bloggers.

We start off by visiting with Bob Buskirk. He may not be “all that into cars,” but he did attend the recent Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2012. This was a great race with a wide variety of classic cars tearing their way through the winding roads of Schenley Park. His post contains a video as well as over 100 photos from the weekend of vintage racing.

Next up, we have Robert Park. He recently read Factory Girls – Voices from the Heart of Modern China, a book by Leslie T. Chang (not to confused with our Lesley Chang). The book offers a great inside perspective on what it means to be a young girl, leaving your village to become a factory worker in Dongguan, a manufacturing town close to Shenzhen. If you’ve ever wanted to know how your iPhone got into your hands, this is probably worth a read.

Feeling stressed? You’re certainly not alone. Ali Luke from Dumb Little Man describes six simple ways to reduce your stress levels. Life can seem daunting or even overwhelming at times, but it’s really quite amazing how much better you can feel by taking a few deep breaths and exercising on a regular basis.

It’s over. Stacey Robinsmith has declared that we have lost the war on terrorism. At the risk of hyperbole, Stacey describes his experiences of seeing larger men and women suffer as they struggle to remove their shoes to get through airport security. He also talks about how his friend told him to take down his “cheeky” comment, just in case a “simp-minded hill-jack” interprets it the wrong way.

Last and certainly not least is RT Cunningham. If you’ve ever had the ambition of self-publishing an e-book on Kindle, you may want to try KD Publishing Pro. It’s a software package that will help you format your e-book so that it can be as Kindle-friendly as possible for e-publishing. Just be wary of the upsell, RT warns, as the additional products aren’t really necessary.