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If you live in Vancouver, chances are, you’ve seen this poster. If you haven’t seen the show, however, it might be a good time to point out that this show is filmed – and set – in Vancouver. This is huge.

There aren’t many TV shows that feature Vancouver as Vancouver. Filmmakers always try to dress it up as Anytown, USA. In many shows, it’s often depicted as an alternate version of Seattle, Boston, Santa Barbara, and so on. But nope, not this particular show. Here, Vancouver is Vancouver.

Continuum is a science fiction series that centres on the conflict between a police officer and a group of rebels from 2077. Due to a pre-planned time travel er… attack, a group of seven rebels and our heroine, Kira Cameron (played by the fiery redhead from G. I. Joe, Rachel Nichols), time travel back to Vancouver in 2012. Now, Kira’s stuck in 2012 and her only desire is to go home to her family.

In the first episode, Kira Cameron gets dumped right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. You can see in the screenshot below that it’s Granville Street – the neon Vogue and Tom Lee signs don’t lie. Any native Vancouverite would recognize those!

Throughout the show, we get treated to some tilt-shift overhead shots of Vancouver’s downtown core. The show doesn’t stray too far from downtown, although in later episodes, they do venture out to False Creek, Surrey and even Langley.

Seeing actors play Vancouver police officers was really interesting – especially seeing their uniforms and squad cars peppered throughout the show. I didn’t take too good a look at the cars, but they would almost certainly fool me if I saw them on the road. I wonder – did VPD allow them to use their crest and graphics?

Continuum just finished its first season. It airs on Showcase and we don’t know if it got renewed for a second season. I really hope so – it’s a very well done show and it ended on a killer cliffhanger! If you’re looking for another show to add to your collection while waiting for Breaking Bad to come back from its hiatus, this is a perfect 10 episode show to watch.