Tour de White Rock 2012 - Road Race

It’s hump day. As has become a tradition here on Beyond the Rhetoric, that means it’s time to do the weekly roundup of interesting blog posts that I found around the Internet. Let’s get down to the speedlink.

We start off with Tyler Ingram and his coverage of the Tour de White Rock cycling race. The event capped off BC Superweek, which also include the Giro di Burnaby. Tyler’s post has several photos from the event and he has even more posted to a Flickr photoset, should you feel so inclined.

Next, Trent Hamm reminds us of a very important fact when it comes to choosing your next job: a salary isn’t the whole picture. You have to consider all the other factors, like the time you spend on work-related tasks and the extra money you have to spend for that job. And what about a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment? Does the work giving you a sense of meaning and purpose?

Remember how I wrote about how my university degree wasn’t a waste of time and money? Angus Shaw seems to agree, describing three ways how getting a degree will improve your writing. You’ll learn how to analyze research findings, for example, and you can gain fresh perspectives on what you may consider everyday knowledge.

We once knew it as the Symphony of Fire, but it changed to the Celebration of Light a few years back. Vancouver’s annual fireworks exhibition is now sponsored by Honda and Rebecca Bollwitt has posted information about road closures and viewing spots. There’s mobile app available for iPhone and Android too, as well as a photo contest with a grand prize valued at $400!

And finally, we have Tyler Cruz talking about his spending habits. In fact, he charged $70,000 on his Visa last month. These are all business expenses and they earned him 1% cash back ($700). I say that if you’re going to be spending money, you may as well get rewarded for it. Of course, some people may say that credit cards are evil and they are certainly entitled to that opinion.