Beyond the Rhetoric

And we have somehow found ourselves at another hump day. To help you get over those midweek blahs, here is another collection of interesting posts that I found around the blogosphere. This weekly speedlink is my little way of giving back to the Internet community that continues to provide for my livelihood.

Rebecca Bollwitt, known more commonly as Miss 604, is one of the most popular bloggers in Vancouver. She recently relaunched her Blogger Profile series and I was the first one to be featured! Her brief interview with me discusses how Beyond the Rhetoric came to be, why I blog, and how I would like to see the site grow. Did you know that the history of BTR dates all the way back to 1999?

Given that EVO 2012 was just this past weekend, the post on Dragon Blogger couldn’t be more timely. It’s a brief review of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, the original version of which was released back in 2006. The Final Showdown version has revitalized interest in the fighting game franchise, but be prepared for a pretty steep learning curve. Don’t let the “simple” three button control scheme fool you!

Times are changing. “Her Bad Mother” Catherine Connors describes ten summer memories that her children won’t have. They won’t jump on trampolines doused in water or play video games at the local arcade, nor will they ride a bicycle without a helmet. The world just isn’t the same as it once was.

You may already be following Scott H. Young‘s journey to earn a bachelor’s degree in one year. To be fair, he’s not going to get an actual degree at the end, because he’s learning the curriculum on his own. His “self-education” approach has been challenged by many, but learning for the sake of learning definitely has its value.

Last but not least, we have Ray Ebersole. He and I have different opinions when it comes to credit cards, so it’s not surprising that he has engaged in quite the conversation on the recent Money Monday post from Aaron. Ray is so inspired that he wrote a post on credit and the economy on his own blog too. Be sure to check that out and voice your opinion too.