Sidecut Steak by Ed Lau (

We’ve reached another hump day and that means it’s time once again to go on a whirlwind tour of the blogosphere. I’ve scoured the web to find some interesting posts for you to read and here is what I’ve found.

We start off with Ed Lau, who has put together an extensive write-up on his visit to Sidecut Modern Steak in Whistler. This is a decidedly higher end establishment than something like The Keg, offering you no fewer than nine cuts of steak, six rubs and eight signature sauces. Those churros look pretty great too.

Continuing on the theme of food, we have Melody Fury with her exquisite tofu tasting menu in Tokyo, Japan. From chilled avocado tofu to smoked duck breast on dried yuba, each of these dishes truly is a work of art. I’m not even that big a fan of tofu and I want to try this, particularly the grilled mochi.

You need money for fancy meals (and to pay the bills). We turn to Jennifer Mattern who has advice on how to become a super freelancer. The main lesson here is that it’s too easy to get distracted, so kick those distractions to the curb. Avoid email, social media and blog reading and focus much more intently on the projects that have to get done.

Next, we have Jennie Yuen who lists five travel apps that help you feel like a local. Google Translate is definitely useful if you’re traveling abroad. I’d also recommend looking up the corresponding TripAdvisor City Guide, which is what I used while in San Francisco. The offline database is very informative.

And finally, we have some fun with John Biehler at Mini Maker Faire Vancouver 2012. He was hanging out at the 3D Printer Village with people showing off 17 different 3D printers. From Thing-O-Matic to Prusa, the three-dimensional printing was out in full force.

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